Resta has been providing data analysis and consultation services since 1991 and supports the management of different organizations with easy-to-use business analysis solutions.
  • The team of Resta has many years of experience in developing data integration, data analysis and data warehousing solutions
  • Members of Resta’s team are characterized by a good teamwork spirit, independence, and desire for continued professional development
  • Resta supports their employees in continuing their education and is a practical training basis for Estonian and foreign students
  • Several team members of Resta have PhD or MSc degrees, teach courses at universitie,s or are Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D. thesis advisers for university students

Values of Resta

Professionality and reliability
  • Our experience and deep analysis of clients business processes guarantee the satisfaction of clients
  • We follow best practices and use the best methodology
  • For providing the best solution, we are always willing to find the best partner, if needed
Good-naturedness and caring
  • We share with our clients the happiness from obtained results
  • In the process of providing service, we create a friendly atmosphere with the client
Strong team
  • We integrate our internal diversity into a strong team
  • We collaborate to find the best solutions
Simplicity and flexibility
  • We listen to clients, and are flexible in taking into account their needs
  • We create simple solutions to complicated problems